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Certification makes a difference.

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What is a CDCES?

A CDCES is a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist.  That means they are health professionals who have demonstrated their knowledge and skill in diabetes self-management education providing at least 1,000 hours of patient education, passing a rigorous exam, and maintaining this highly respected credential in the health industry.  


What does a CDCES do?


A CDCES is your partner.  They work with you to develop a plan and provide the tools you need to manage diabetes on a daily basis.  


When should I consult a CDCES?


Ask for a referral to a CDCES today and during the transitions of important life stages.  Ongoing support from a CDCES helps you take control and build the skills that can help you feel your best.  


Why should I see a CDCES?


Successful diabetes self-management involves knowledge about a broad range of topics such as healthy eating, how to take medication as directed, fitting in exercise and coping with stress.  It's not easy to gain all of the necessary knowledge alone.  With the help of a CDCES, you can learn how to effectively manage and improve your health.

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